About KVK Barpeta

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) for Barpeta District was established by Assam Agricultural University, with financial assistance from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research at Howly. The centre started functioning from September 14, 2004. The permanent site of the KVK, covering an area of 10 ha, is located 2 km north of the National Highway. The KVK, Barpeta has 15 staff under Programme Coordinator among which there are 6 Subject Matter Specialists.


Technology Assessment and Demonstration for its wider Application and to enhance Capacity Development.

To implement the mandate effectively through creation of awareness about improved agricultural technologies, the following activities be defined for each KVK.

  1. On-farm testing to assess the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems.
  2. Out scaling of farm innovations through frontline demonstration to showcase the specific benefits/worth of technologies on farmers’ fields.
  3. Capacity development of farmers and extension personnel to update their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies and enterprises.
  4. Work as Knowledge and Resource Centre for improving overall agricultural economy in the operational area.
  5. Conduct frontline extension programmes and provide farm advisories
  6. Using ICT and other media on varied subjects of interest to farmers
  7. Data documentation, characterization and strategic planning of farming practices

KVK, while acting as a single window Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC), should produce quality technology related inputs/products (seeds, planting materials, bio-agents, livestock, fingerlings etc,) and make them available to farmers. Besides, identify and document selected farmer-led innovations and converge with ongoing schemes and programmes within the mandate of KVK.